La Empresa

Peru Food Import, Inc. began as an adventure with the aim of exporting traditional products of Peru to meet growing demand in the American market.

Our company was founded with strong points and wisdom of the American market combined with a rigorous quality control, ensuring and satisfying our consumers who know the richness of Peruvian dishes as well as to prove that first.

In Peru, we have the knowledge and technical know how from years of experience in food processing (some processes were invented in the days of our ancestors), together with the opportunity for a wide variety of climates found in our three geographic regions of our country, the coast, the mountains and the forest, which ensures that we provide our products all year round.

We want to be leaders in the agro industrial line, offering our customers high quality agricultural products of different varieties, frozen, dried, and natural. We always try to implement our products and improve our services.

We process fresh, natural, fresh from the harvest of our farmland. We emphasize that the products offered are of different regional areas, which makes our secured distribution throughout the year. Approximately 80% of the climate zones are found in our country.

The selection and classification are handled by experts, ensuring optimum quality at the end of the process. The storage and processing plants are kept under the standard biggest safety and cleanliness.

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